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    Chinese wedding bridal gowns are dressed

    Published time:2018-08-04 Author:vipmallcn Category:ONLINE SHOP NEWS

    Chinese traditional wedding wedding dress is the most beautiful expression of the traditional beauty of Chinese women. Wearing the unique Chinese embroidered silk satin, it not only shows the unique and gorgeous beauty of the oriental bride, but also can express the connotation of traditional marriage customs. It is really beautiful..But everyone knows that the bride's dress is so beautiful in Chinese wedding customs? Let Xiaobian take everyone to understand it, let your wedding become more and more avoidable, and the good fortune is more perfect.

    Chinese wedding bridal gowns wear a dress 1, bridal gowns can not have pockets

    In traditional wedding customs, the Chinese dress of the bride’s wedding day cannot be pocketed, so as to avoid taking away the wealth of the family.

    Chinese wedding bridal gowns are well-dressed 2, the style of flowers can not appear on the dress

    In Chinese wedding customs, raw flowers (ie flowers) are avoided on the wedding day, because the flowers are easy to wither, so the bride's dress can not have the style of flowers.However, the lotus flower represents the prostitute's marriage, and the pomegranate represents many children and grandchildren. These two kinds cannot be forbidden.

    Chinese wedding bride dress is paying attention to 3, the bride is married and can not draw light makeup

    At the time of marriage, the color of the Chinese-style dress is bright red, which represents a festive celebration. Therefore, if the bride has a light makeup, there will be a feeling of incompatibility and it will be lifeless, so the bride must not draw a light makeup.

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