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    How to identify the collection of antique porcelain, vipmallcn reveals for you

    Published time:2018-08-07 Author:vipmallcn Category:ONLINE SHOP NEWS

    China's porcelain has a history of three or four thousand years since the Shang and Zhou dynasties. Each dynasty has different characteristics of the times.Therefore, it is indispensable to identify the true ancient porcelain, understand the evolution of the porcelain in the historical development, and understand the characteristics of different eras of porcelain production.

    To determine the authenticity of a porcelain, it must be considered from the following four elements, including a look at the quality of the tire; two to see the glaze; three to see the color material; four to see if there is real old gas.

    The first thing to say is the placenta, which is different for each dynasty. During the initial period of porcelain, the composition of the material was relatively rough. For example, Tang Sancai's placenta is semi-ceramic and semi-ceramic, which is relatively loose; in the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the black glaze of Jizhou kiln is also relatively loose, which is because the workers made rapid and neat when making the casting process. Therefore, the left-handed manipulating spin marks are very obvious and very rough. In this regard, by grasping the various types of ceramics, it is possible to quickly identify the true and false ceramics. For example, if you see the "Tang Sancai" tires made very fine and firm, then this thing is definitely not right.

    Next, look at the glaze. The glazing of porcelain is constantly changing with the development of the times. Before the Northern Song Dynasty, the glaze used was lime glaze. The adhesion of the glaze to the tread is not strong. Therefore, the glaze is thin, drooling, and easy to peel off. This is also an important point of forensic. The glaze color of the Tang Dynasty is flowing, and the color and color are mixed by flowing. In addition, Tang porcelain can see small opening under the magnifying glass, but this opening is not obvious, such as one meter. It can be seen from the outside, then, this is a replica; after the Southern Song Dynasty, the lime-alkali glaze was changed. For example, the glaze color of the kiln, the Southern Song Dynasty official kiln, the Southern Song Dynasty Longquan kiln, etc., appears thick and moist, and unmelted quartz particles can also be seen under the magnifying glass. All of the above are the basis for identification by observing the glaze.

    The third is to look at the color material. In different eras, the colors used are different. Generally speaking, the ancient porcelain used are mineral materials, while the modern imitation products are often replaced by chemical materials. Therefore, any chemical materials can be removed during the identification. Mineral materials are also different at different times. Let's take the blue and cobalt materials used to paint blue and white. The Ming and Qing dynasties are all useful.

    The fourth is to look at the real old-fashioned things in the utensils.There should be traces of use and storage on the handed down products, and there should be traces left over from the years; the excavator should have traces of rustic intrusion.These traces are manifested in the utensils, one is the patina formed by the oxidation of air and long-term storage in space, commonly known as "head".The blue and white of the new device is not watery.The old handed down products must have some traces of use, such as scratches, scratches and so on.There are no rules for this kind of trace, which is naturally left in the passage of the years. It is different from the use of artificial traces by modern new products. The artificiality is regular, relatively blunt, and can be distinguished by careful observation.In addition, the galvanized parts are ruptured due to a large number of bubbles, causing the glaze to flow, and the curved water ripples are visible under the magnifying glass.In short, all the old things must have real old-fashioned remains; those who can't find a little old-fashioned things must be new things.

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