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    Men's wedding dresses should be stressful, wedding dresses and casual suits are very different

    Published time:2018-08-04 Author:vipmallcn Category:ONLINE SHOP NEWS

    The groom's wedding dress can't be sloppy. Men's wedding suits are crucial. Many grooms think that wearing a daily suit can match the bride.

    On the occasion of such a grand wedding, men's wedding suits are not suitable, but it affects the atmosphere.Shirts can especially reflect the grace of men, so when the groom's man still learns to choose a shirt.

    First, the groom suit shirt with common sense

    1. The shirt type should be clearly distinguished.When wearing a suit or dress for a formal occasion, you should wear an inner-wearing shirt. When the shirt is worn in a jacket or a tunic suit, it is best worn inside, and the inside and outside wears the second.When the shirt is only worn as a coat, the outer wear type or the inner and outer wear type is a more appropriate choice.

    2, formal occasions should wear a white shirt or light-colored shirt, with a dark suit and tie, to show solemnity.

    3, shirt sleeves should be about a centimeter longer than the suit sleeves, which not only reflects the level of the dress, but also keeps the cuffs of the suit clean.

    Second, the groom suit shirt with common sense

    1. When the shirt is worn with a tie (whether wearing a suit or not), the neck button, cuff button and sleeve button must be fully buckled to show the rigidity and strength of the man.

    2, the size of the shirt collar, to insert a loose amount of a finger is appropriate.If the neck is slender, the neckline is too big, otherwise it will give people a feeling of weakness.

    3, when wearing a suit without a tie, a button at the neckline of the shirt must not be buckled, and the buttons on the sill must be fully buckled, otherwise it will appear too casual and lack of cultivation.

    4, when wearing a suit, the hem of the shirt should not be worn outside the waistband, which will give people a sense of incompetence and lack of taste; on the contrary, it will make people more energetic and confident.

    Third, the groom suit shirt with common sense

    1. Try to wear a shirt with a curved hem, which is convenient for the hem to be inserted into the waist of the trousers, and to make it comfortable to wear, and the waist and hips are flat and beautiful.

    2, wearing a shirt should not be worn in any jacket (especially a suit), to avoid giving people a feeling of bloated, disharmony.

    3, the formal short-sleeved shirt can be worn in a formal occasion.This adapts to the climatic environment without losing the manly grace.

    4. Newly bought shirts must be washed and then worn to remove any dirt that may be present during the production process and to ensure that they are clean and hygienic when worn.

    5, men's shirts should be washed frequently, wearing dirty collar shirts, will give people irresponsible.

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