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    Rare and precious ancient coins

    Published time:2018-08-01 Author:vipmallcn Category:ONLINE SHOP NEWS

    The ancestral money and money are exquisite, the vocabulary is deep, the writing is clear, and there is no stickiness and blurring. Moreover, the strokes are thinner than the circulation coins of the same version, and the details still have traces of hand-engraving, which are deeply loved and sought after by the collectors of coin collection.

         The ancestral money is also called the carving mother, which is used as the casting mother money, that is, the coin model.Since the Tang Dynasty, the sand-casting method has been used to cast money. Whenever new money is used, it is directly carved into a money model with copper or tin or lead.When casting money, use the ancestral money to model and recast the mother money.
         At present, the earliest known ancestral money is the large Kaiyuan Tongbao of the Tang Dynasty, with a diameter of 4.35 cm, a perforation of 1.05 cm, a thickness of 0.3 cm and a weight of 22.4 g.There were many coins in the Qing Dynasty, and the editions were complicated. They were far more than the previous dynasties. Therefore, the mother money was retained, including “Qianlong Tongbao”, “Jiaqing Tongbao”, “Daoguang Tongbao” and “Tongzhi Tongbao”.
         Although the number of coins in the Qing Dynasty was much higher, the number of coins was much higher than that of the previous generation. However, the money of the mother was strictly controlled by the money-casting personnel. Later, when it flowed overseas or entered the museum, it was difficult to see the domestic coin market.
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