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    The necessary methods and skills for the dresser

    Published time:2018-08-01 Author:vipmallcn Category:ONLINE SHOP NEWS

    Why are everyone doing the same thing, some people have good performance, and some people are mediocre? There is a method and skill problem inside. Then the correct way of doing things plus skills is an indispensable condition for achieving a career. If a person can find the right way of doing things and skills, then he will take the pulse of success.

    I. Reserve common sense knowledge

    We say that rich knowledge is more than just professional knowledge. He contains a lot of our common sense, such as: What is the current wedding? What should be paid attention to in the season's skin care products, different wedding scenes such as churches, hotels, gardens... To understand the different modes of operation of the five or more local hotels in the local area, and to advise the pregnant bride on how to be self-conscious Protection, the current popular topics are related to our guests, understanding of local customs and customs, familiarity with the location of the guests, etc., because these common senses are sometimes the entry point for our communication with the guests. Let us go further to understand the guests.

    You know that they have a wedding hotel, you can talk about some of the things you know well, and understand the fashions that guests care about. You can go and chat with guests. Normally, I will talk to you about this. Guests sometimes treat you as a wedding knowledge consultant. Gradually, you will be like a friend. Choosing a dress will naturally increase your trust and will have a sense of dependence on you. The progress of the work will be extremely beneficial. Therefore, it is necessary to learn more about some daily knowledge and learn more about it. This will play a role in the face of various different guests. Therefore, while we have mastered our professional knowledge, we must have more abundant daily knowledge.

    Second, marketing with the position of friends

    1. It is necessary to have strong affinity with friends. The affinity of the dress lady must be there, because only in this way can the guest feel at home, willing to tell you the actual idea, let you help her as a reference, considering that most of the guests are not experts in dress. Therefore, the dress lady must work hard on the affinity. This kind of affinity is from the heart, not the false affinity of the smile, otherwise it is easy for the guests to feel resentful, so the scale must be accurate. More than enough.

    2. The grasp of marketing language. Marketing is to use language to communicate, the dress lady can chat with the guests, understand the needs of the guests, can make jokes, etc., but the language must grasp a degree, joking can not open too much, after all, she is still your customer, not Your loved ones, your colleagues, have any personality characteristics, you may not be able to find them at a glance, because the fault of the language causes the customer complaints to happen from time to time, so the dress lady needs to accumulate more experience in the work, learn more from colleagues. .

    Third, create an atmosphere and carefully consider the guests

    1. Create an atmosphere for the guests to buy impulses, accompany the bride's companions, such as the bride's mother-in-law or friends to pick up the dress, can sway the bride's friends to take photos, so in an atmosphere of mutual influence, very It is easy to talk about a single order; some older people prefer a cute dress, the dress lady can help the mother-in-law to pinch, praise the mother, let the mother feel that her beauty has been passed on to her daughter, etc., in such a harmonious How can it be impossible to talk about a single atmosphere?

    2. Carefully consider the situation of the guests in all aspects. For example, some pregnant brides not only need to help them consider clothing, but also consider a lot of things that may happen. A pregnant bride, if a sudden situation occurs, it must be resolved in time; this can reflect the thoughtful and meticulous service of the dress area. Let the guests really enjoy the treatment of being at home.

    It is not enough to master the marketing skills of the dresses. It is not enough to learn the experience and exchanges between colleagues, and the mutual cooperation in the work is very important. Only do it with your heart, think and practice in the practice. Only after accumulating experience can you be an excellent dress teacher.
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