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    Wedding dress custom, bridesmaid must read manual

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    For the first time, many people will have a feeling of being at a loss when they are bridesmaids and groomsmen. I don’t know what they should do.After reading this bridesmaid manual, I believe you will know how important the bridesmaid is.

    1 bridesmaid role bride will find her best friend to be a bridesmaid.Therefore, as a bridesmaid, you must first define your position and role.1, accompanying the bride throughout the process, this is called a competent bridesmaid.2, bridesmaid should be very careful, thoughtful, everything is considered from the perspective of newcomers, to envision the newcomers.2 bridesmaid clothing preferred rose pink dress, so that new people can see you in the crowd at a glance, can also set off a festive atmosphere.Secondly, you can choose a light pink dress to set off the feminine atmosphere of the wedding.Avoid wearing pure black and white clothing.It is not recommended to choose beige, beige will make the bridesmaid and newcomers look very weak.Shoes and bags are in harmony with the color of the clothes.

    3 bridesmaid's preparations for their own preparations:

    1. Prepare suitable clothes

    2, prepare comfortable shoes, because you have to stand for a long time 3, prepare stylish and suitable size bags, to help the bride to wear red envelopes 4, prepare a slightly larger bag, install bridesmaid dress and other sundries 5, prepareSuitable accessories, such as not wearing a wedding ring, it is best to have small earrings, bracelets 6, practice at least a sweet hairdressing type 7, ready for black small clips and headband, because the makeup artist may not be able toThe bridesmaid combs her hair, so I have to rely on your skills to solve it.

    Content prepared for the bride:

    1. Straw: The bride drinks water on the wedding day to avoid damaging the makeup.

    2, chocolate: the wedding day will be busy, new people may not have time to eat, so bring chocolate, help them to add sugar at any time.3, paper towels: If the bride is crying at the wedding, it is necessary to hand in paper towels in time.4, small mirrors, combs, hand cream, lip gloss, perfume, pins: take care of the belt

    4 bridesmaid workflow (the most important part) 1, the week before the wedding and the bride agreed to meet the time and place and place of accommodation. 2. Accompany the bride's rehearsal the day before the wedding, communicate with the groom, the best man, the host, and pay attention to the route of the wedding. 3, the wedding day (emphasis) work content:

    (1) Admission: The bridesmaid stands behind the bride and walks side by side with the best man. The best man bridesmaid keeps two meters away from the newcomer. On the way to the auditorium, there will be petals and video, so be careful not to bump into it. If the bride's dress is a trailing dress, the bridesmaid should pay attention not to step on the new man's dress and cause it to fall.

    (2) Holding a diamond ring: The bridesmaid's best man holds the ring (usually two little bears). When the host says that the newcomer exchanges the wedding token, the best man bridesmaid walks forward and puts the ring, the bridesmaid must take the hand of the bride at the same time. The bouquet, the bride and groom, after removing the ring from the setting. The best man bridesmaid holds the ring and returns to the backcourt. If the setting is a little bear, then the bridesmaid will be taken to the middle and rear of the newcomer.

    (3) Handing a glass of wine: Generally, the wine will be prepared by the wedding company in advance before the newcomer enters the market. If it is on the side of the best man/the bridesmaid, if it is on the side of the best man, it will be handed over by the best man, if on the side of the bridesmaid, The bridesmaid handed it.

    (4) Marriage certificate: When the witness is married, the bridesmaid needs to hand in the marriage certificate of the new person.

    (5) In-law tea: Newcomers need to respect tea to both parents and change their mouth to be called “parents”. The bridesmaid is responsible for the tea at the side of the side. In order to avoid the new people taking the tea, the bridesmaid must give a low-pitched reminder, and must take the red envelope in the hands of the newcomer (when the parents change the mouth), after taking the red envelope, the right hand will hold The red bag is placed under the tray and is taken off at the same time.

    The above diamond ring, wine, marriage certificate, and in-law tea will be handed to the bridesmaid by the wedding company's special person, so the bridesmaid should always pay attention to the person.

    Bridesmaid's other work content:

    (1) Blocking the door: When the bridegroom comes to pick up the bride, there will be sisters in the bride's house to block the door, and the bridesmaids can also participate. To marry the groom, let him say something sweet that is hard to hear. The bride at that time was very happy, and maybe only at this time the groom would spare no effort to say a lot of sweet words. The following small tricks are some of the questions that are raised to the groom when blocking the door.

    Small tricks:

    A Do you love the bride? How much love? B Singing love songs (singing loudly), such as "The moon represents my heart", etc. C said ten times, you love the bride (calling the bride's name) D. Who will do the housework? Who cooks? Who manages the money? E tells the five advantages of the bride. F said five sweet words that made the bride intoxicated.

    (2) Tibetan shoes: This work is usually done by bridesmaids.

    Sometimes only one shoe is hidden, sometimes it is necessary to hide two. See if the wedding company has any requirements in this regard. The Tibetan shoes were completed before the door was blocked, and the groom began to look for shoes after coming in. If the shoes are not found, the bridesmaid can ask for a red envelope and give a hint. It's best to have a proper reminder, not to say all the answers, but to make the groom find it quickly.

    Small trick: hiding place

    A bridesmaid bag (the groom can't think of it) B on the table, the shoes are covered with ornaments C, hidden places near the window sill

    (3) Lift the bride's dress skirt

    When the bride needs to go downstairs or go to the bathroom, the bridesmaid must ensure that the bride does not fall, try to support the bride and help her lift the skirt and skirt.

    (4) Dressing and dressing up

    The bride will make nails before the wedding. Many brides will not adapt to the length of their nails, which will result in inconvenient dressing, inconvenient eating and inconvenience. The bridesmaid should help as much as possible.

    (5) Sugar

    The bride is going to give the female guests a sugar bag, but because of the inconvenience of the nails, the sugar paper may not be torn. It is best for the bridesmaid to help tear off each piece of sugar paper before the newcomer appears, so that the bride can pack sugar.

    (6) Finishing the bride's makeup

    After the newcomer gets off the float, there will be guests spraying ribbons and colored papers. When they are in the locker room, the bridesmaid groomsmen should clean up the newcomers in time and organize the makeup.

    (7) Finishing bridal clothing

    A Before going to bed the day before the wedding, help the bride to organize the skirts, gifts, underwear, jewelry, veil, gloves, etc. needed for the next day. B On the morning of the wedding, help the bride to arrange a set of casual clothes and hand them to the bride's family to take them to the hotel (where the ceremony is held). C On the wedding day, after the bride has made a good makeup and changed the gift, help the bride to pack the bag of the dress, put it with her bag and bring it to the hotel. D After the bride changed the wedding dress on the wedding day, help the bride to arrange the wedding dress into the bag. E After the wedding, help the bride to organize all the clothes, including the marriage certificate and diamond ring box that appeared at the ceremony, to help the newcomer to collect.

    (8) Passing the message

    The bride is inconvenient to appear in advance, then all the news is passed on by the bridesmaids. If the bride has any needs, the bridesmaid must be delivered in time.

    (9) End sugar plate

    When the newcomer is toasting and toasting, the bridesmaid is holding the cigarette in the back, don't fall behind. Help the bride to regulate, what are the sugar paper and the crossed matches, which are the candy and the matches that have not been crossed.The bride is hurriedly turning around and will not take care of these details. Therefore, the bridesmaid must help to regulate, so that the bride can get what she needs when she gets back. The best man is responsible for blocking the wine and ensuring that the groom is not drunk is the responsibility of the best man.

    (10) Receive the red envelope donated by the guest

    When you are drinking tobacco and alcohol, guests will give a red envelope to the newcomer. The bridesmaid will help the newcomer to collect it and put it in a small bag prepared in advance.

    (11) Handing red envelopes

    Some newcomers will prepare red envelopes for the children in the relatives' homes and hand them to the bridesmaids for safekeeping. When the bridesmaids are toasting, when they see a child on the table, they must remind the bride to send a red envelope and hand the red envelope to the bride.

    (12) Remind to eat something

    Before the wedding starts and during the newcomer's dressup, don't forget to remind yourself and the newcomer to add some heat and moisture, don't be hungry. .

    5 Bridesmaid Tips (1) In the morning of the wedding day, be sure to eat, because this is a day's food.

    (2) Prepare the bride for everything, but don't forget to take your coat, or it will be cold.

    (3) When a newcomer toasts, arrange an acquaintance to feed you something to eat, don't be hungry.

    (4) The bridesmaid is responsible for helping the newcomer to collect the red envelope. At that time, it is best to let the best man testify that no red envelope has been put into the bag. Afterwards, it is best to pass the package directly to the newcomer and let them organize the red envelope. Even if they can't organize the red envelope for other reasons, you should put the red envelopes in the newcomer's home, and show your bags to the newcomers before leaving the new home. Newcomers believe in you, but in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, the more special circumstances the bridesmaids must first clear themselves and avoid the influence of money on sister relationships.

    (5) Newcomers usually give a red envelope to the bridesmaid bridesmaid. The bridesmaid groomsman will also prepare a red envelope for the newcomer. When the amount of money is difficult to grasp, it is recommended that the bridesmaid prepared by the bridesmaids should not be too thin and should be given before the newcomer.

    There is also a situation where the newcomer buys a dress for the best man bridesmaid, so the bridesmaid bridesmaid does not have to worry about the gift money.

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