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    Wedding dress marketing

    Published time:2018-08-01 Author:vipmallcn Category:ONLINE SHOP NEWS

    To integrate yourself into your dress area, you can use some marketing methods. These methods are not only in marketing, but also in your display, pick-up, and welcoming. As long as you can use most of them, your dress will be improved a lot, and the customer's recognition will increase. We continue to talk about marketing methods.

    Zhulian combination:

    Teams must have a certain tacit understanding, and in the process of assisting each other, they can work together to improve their performance. There must be cooperation between the dresses. If you have been a person from beginning to end, the guests sometimes feel annoyed. Sometimes they have to borrow the power of the supervisor. The supervisor will interject a message, say hello to the guests, and may say something and pick clothes today. It doesn't matter, but this entry point will make the guests feel the importance. In the whole process of trying on clothes, she will feel "have a backing", because the supervisor has just called and said, it will be better to talk to the supervisor, and if When the price is discussed, the supervisor will appear to be embarrassed and can only wander around the money. There are also some worse dressmakers who don't give space to the supervisor. The supervisor has no space. What else does he ask him to do? If the dresser can make a deal on his own, if there is no way to make a deal, be sure to leave some space for the supervisor. Our industry mainly looks at quality and service, both of which go up, and the purse will be full. Therefore, "the combination of the Zhulian" must be the whole. At the very least, this group of people in this class cooperate with each other and add points to each other instead of highlighting the individual. There is no perfect individual, only perfect team.

    Watching the fire across the bank:

    In the process of picking clothes, you may encounter such a situation that is out of control, that is, the bride and groom have different opinions. Usually encountered in this situation, the dresser will appease, but who will comfort first? It is for the bride, but generally the groom pays, it seems that who is standing there is not good. At this time, you can take the past in a humorous way. The bride and groom have disagreements. They must not let them quarrel. As long as they are slightly arguing, they will stand in the middle and call for a pause: "Stop! Don't quarrel for me, it's my fault." At this time, the two must be very surprised. How can you say that it is your fault, they are not because of you, but only because of the discrepancies in the clothes, it is not your business. But when you take responsibility, the hot atmosphere will come down at once. You can continue to say: "Don't quarrel for me, promise me. Tell me what you like, I will satisfy you. My main point is to let you happily get married and present a perfect and perfect on the wedding day. The effect, okay? Don't make a noise, it's all my fault, because the dress is my pick." In a humorous way, two people usually laugh and can take it. Don't have to watch the lively mentality, stop it.

    Laughing in the knife:

    We sometimes meet such a guest: "I like this very much, I want to go back and think about it." What should I do at this time? Let her go back and think about it? She probably won't come. She wants to buy what you want to sell, you can actually reach a consensus. Generally speaking, "You see, our activities are really over until today. I am willing to give you this way today. You also feel beautiful, fit, and acceptable. You can pay a deposit first." Generally speaking, guests I don't agree, I still want to go, but you have to know your purpose. You can make a joke: "Do you see Maggie Cheung is not a shadow? She is so good at acting, but she is not playing a movie now, because she can't marry the box office, so No production company is willing to find her. I am also a first-line star, but also want to marry the box office. You are not sure, I don’t know where I am in the next movie. I am so hard to work hard, you must be sure of me. I might see this kind of clothes, but there is no me at home, there is no such good service for you, no idea that I am for you." When you say these words, the guests will feel funny, usually girls. In addition to laughing, he will also say to his husband: "Okay, just choose this one." This trick is very useful. The purpose we want to achieve in our hearts must be clear and strong, but it is like a first-line star playing the inner drama. Although I feel strongly in my heart that I want you to pay the bill, the expression must always maintain a gentle and sincere smile, which makes people unable to refuse.

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